Gifted (Intro)

I grew up a Kiper. That may not mean anything to you, so let me explain. My father is Rick Kiper, and he is an extremely intelligent and talented man. He excels at literally My dad was convinced that each of his four kids could be good at everything too. And so he trained us. He taught us how to play sports, how to write, how to sing, how to play instruments, how to change a tire, how to build things, how to draw, how to mop floors, how to make the perfect chocolate chip pancake, how to serve, how to excel in school, and, most importantly, how to love God. So whenever someone would see one of us kids do something spectacular, we would often receive the comment, “Of course. You’re a Kiper!”

Dad set the bar high for us, because he wanted the very best for us. He wanted us to be ready to do anything we wanted to do with our lives. And I will forever appreciate the investment he made in each of his children. He believed in us before we believed in ourselves. He pushed us when we felt like giving up, and he cheered us on as we made strides toward our dreams. Now that I’m a parent, I understand why he did everything that he did for us. I have five, very unique and gifted children and I want the very best for them. These next few posts will follow my journey through motherhood and how I can help my children grow in their gifts to glorify God.


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